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Eddie (Also know as Flip-Top) is a supporting character in the original Mega Man series. He first made his debut in Mega Man 4 as a helper robot for Mega Man in certain sections of the game's level. He also appeared in other games such as Marvel Vs Capcom.


In Mega Man 4, he first made his debut as a helper robot. In certain section of the game's stages, he will teleport down and drop either a energy pellet, ammunition for Mega Man's weapon, an extra life, or a E-Tank. He assume the same role in the later games. But in Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, he did not presume the same role. 
The Flip-Top takes to the skies in Mega Man 8.
The Flip-Top takes to the skies in Mega Man 8.
In Mega Man 7, he was shown with Auto in the item store - the item store itself was a giant automobile that was built to look like Eddie.  In Mega Man 8, he, and along side Auto and Beat, appeared in the game as a assist character in the Rush Jet sections in Tengu Man's stage and the second level of Dr. Wily's fortress, Wily Tower. He appears to aid Mega Man by dropping bombs on enemies from the top of his head.
With the combine powers of Eddie, forms Hyper Mega Man.
With the combine powers of Eddie, forms Hyper Mega Man.
Eddie also made appearances outside of the Mega Man series. In Marvel Vs Capcom 1 & 2, he reprise the same role that he once had when he made his debut. In the middle of a fight, he can be called upon to drop a weapon for Mega Man; the weapon is the "Rock Ball" weapon that was in Mega Man 8. Also, Eddie, Rush, and Beat can combine with Mega Man to form one of Mega Man's hyper combos, "Hyper Mega Man."

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