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 Unlike most games, Eden Eternal has both a Character Level and a Class Level. 

Character Level

Character Level is used for things such as learning 'general skills', determining what gear a player can equip, gaining access to new quests, and at least partially for unlocking new classes; Character Level remains the same even if a player switches classes. Character Level requires much more experience to increase than Class Level, but it receives experience from completing quests in addition to killing enemies.

Class Level

Class Level is used for things such as learning new class-specific skills, gaining 'knowledge points' to spend on each class's talent tree, unlocking class expertise (passive boosts which can be applied to other classes), and partially for unlocking new classes (ex: Martial Artist requires both a Character Level of 40 and Thief Class Level of 35); Class Level can never be higher than character level and each class has its own Class Level. Class Level does not receive experience from completing quests, but requires far less experience to increase and as a result players become encouraged to play multiple classes in order to gain the maximum benefit from killing enemies.  Since Class Level does not determine gear requirements, players can still fight enemies near their Character Level even when switching to a new class in order to rapidly raise their Class Level.


 There are a total of 15 classes in Eden Eternal spread evenly into groups of three between five categories: Melee DPS, Magic DPS, Ranged DPS, Support, and Defense. While each class has its own skills, the classes in a category share general skills. For example, all three classes in Support category have access to the general skill Revive. Since the planned initial level cap for Open Beta is 50, the Ranger, Warlock, and Templar classes will not currently be available.

Melee DPS

Martial Artist
Blade Dancer

Magic DPS


Ranged DPS






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