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In 1980, Dr. Tim Langdell formed Softek Software in London, England, which later became incorporated under the name Softek International Ltd. in 1983. Shortly after the incorporation of Soktek, Langdell began seeking the trade marks for EDGE, THE EDGE, and DIGITAL EDGE. He claims that these marks would be used "in connection with our computer game, computer hardware and interactive entertainment products that would create an image of superlative product that would be associated with high quality and state of the art technology."  
It was in 1990 that Langell formed his American company Edge Interactive Media Inc. (Edge Games). Edge acquired all of the intellectual property rights of Softek, which included several successful games like Fairlight
Until the release of Racers in 2010, Edge Games had not published a game since Urban Strike in 1994. In the sixteen years between releases, Langdell has seemingly filled his time by filing lawsuits against several different companies, large and small. One of those companies was former publishing partner EA. Over time, Langdell has become largely disliked and considered a "trademark troll," particularly praying on smaller independent companies, such as Mobigame and their iPod game Edge.   
Edge Games currently has several games in development and is accepting game submissions from independent developers.

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