EDGE is back!

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Edge has reappeared on the US Apple Store and is discounted to $0.99 USD through 5/10/10.
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A good game, Not amazing, but worth it.
i wondered why it came up with an update yesterday, this explains it.

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That Tim Langdell guy seems like a POS. It's one thing to try to retain your rights to a trademarked name, but he tries to remove the name edge from any game containing the name, regardless if it's a standalone name. In addition, the guy doesn't even make any games with the name edge in it, or if he has, he hasn't done so in forever.

He's just holding on to the name to create lawsuits. He tries to shut down innovation, or development, by taking people to court to make money off the name itself. Complete jackass and is yet another contributor to law being used to take away, rather than protect.

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Why is someone bumping up 2 year old posts?

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