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Edna and Harvey: The Breakout

Waking up without her memory in a padded cell and only her rag doll rabbit Harvey for company, Edna decides to get out of the asylum she's stuck in. She is very determined and quite intelligent, especially compared to the people around her, and prone to getting into trouble. She also shows a fascination with causing destruction, both in breaking things and vandalising them.

Her best friend and most prized possession is Harvey, who she believes talks to her, much as he proclaims to be a part of her subconscious.

As a child, Edna was very mischevious and always playing tricks on her playmate, Alfred, who she didn't like very much. She talked to Harvey even then, often preferring to listen to and interact with him than with the environment outside. Edna feels she was unfairly treated by the adults when she was a child, while they vastly favoured Alfred. She hates cupboards due to her old tutor locking her in the cupboard if she misbehaved.

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