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A two-part adult visual novel series developed and published by Minori consisting of EF: The First Tale, and EF: the Latter Tale.

Each instalment is broken down into a prologue and two chapters which follow a different protagonist each time.The story takes branching pathways and work towards the conclusion of one of four overarching story conclusions- one for each girl.

EF: The First Tale

The Prologue takes place a year after the events of the game, and bookends each chapter with the conversations of a dapper gentleman (Yu Himura) and a nun (Yuko Amamiya) reminiscing of the events in upcoming chapters

Chapter 1 revolves around the protagonist Hiro Hirono- an established manga author and highschool student, and his interactions with schoolmate Miyako Miyamura

Chapter 2 takes place a few months after the events of the first, and focuses on a friend of Hiro's named Kyosuke Tsutsumi- a budding filmmaker infatuated with a mysterious girl and fellow student he catches a glimpse of one Christmas night.

EF: the Latter Tale.

The Prologue once again opens with Yu and Yuko, this time speaking of the events of the first game. Once again, their conversations bookend each chapter, revealing more of the story as it progresses

Chapter 1 follows a half-German/half-Japanese man named Renji Aso, who meets and falls for Chihiro Shindo- a quiet girl with an eyepatch while sitting at a quiet abandoned train station

Chapter 2 introduces us to Shuichi Kuze- an older man, and professional violinist who has recently returned from studying abroad in Germany. He is the neighbour of the previous protagonist Renji Aso

Other Media
The story has been adapted into a series of manga, and novels, and has been re-imagined with 4 Drama CDs, a 12-episode Anime, and 2 Internet Radio Shows.

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