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Similar to other Cryo Interactive adventure games, this games lets you explore historic locations, adventuring, talking and puzzling your way through stopping a conspiracy. The game puts you in the sandals of ancient egyptian detective Ramose, who is trying to solve a theft and prove his father's innocence. A lot of detail was put into the game's pre-rendered 3D recreation of Ramses III's Egypt. Featuring locations such as the tomb of Sethi I, the worker village of Deir el-Medineh or the temple of Karnak. Recreating the ancient art, architecture, culture and setting.

As in Cryo's other adventures, the game features conversations, puzzles, an inventory and minigames (like backgammon's predecessor senet). As in Cryo´s other educational games, this one was developed in association with French museums, and features a fully fleshed out database of information about artifacts, locations culture and ancient Egyptian daily life. The option to explore the environments freely, separate from the story mode, returns as well. What´s new though, is a more non-linear structure to the story, a world-map type location and a day-night cycle. The player can choose where to go next in trying to redeem his family name, and has only three in-game days to do it.

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