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Eiji "Gin" Kamiya is a very easy-going guy and is very friendly towards "Hero" and his group.

Gin used to be a care-free rebellious teenager until he met Aya. He fell in love with Aya and she changed his view of the world. He also becomes Haru's guardian.

He witnessed Aya's disappearance first-hand and is working to find her ever since. He keeps Haru in the dark about Aya because he knows that Haru would break down if she knew. After gaining a COMP, he made more effort to look for Aya, going on a clue that the Shomonkai has taken her into custody. He commands a powerful deity named Take-Mikazuchi.

Depending on the player's choice, you can help Gin look for Aya and access his route. His goal during the Tokyo Lockdown is to banish all demons from the world.

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