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The Legend of the Devil Chicken

Guybrush during his brief stint as El Pollo Diablo
Guybrush during his brief stint as El Pollo Diablo

El Pollo Diablo is a mythical beast in the Monkey Island series first referenced in The Curse of Monkey Island. He is said to be a gigantic demon chicken possessed of both preternatural strength and terrifying ferocity; while not prowling the jungles of Plunder Island, he seeks vengeance upon all those who have captured or killed his lesser brethren. Though he is never seen in-game, and his very existence is somewhat suspect, in particular Captain Blondebeard, the proprietor of Blondebeard's Chicken Shoppe, seems convinced of his existence, and even displays a painting of the dreaded creature on one of the walls of his restaurant. As a purveyor of fried chicken, Blondebeard naturally assumes that he is one of El Pollo Diablo's prime targets, and blames the fiend for the recent hardships his business has experienced, claiming that it was the Devil Chicken himself that smashed his chicken coops and set free his poultry, thus rendering him incapable of fulfilling any orders. At the same time, Blondebeard dreams of defeating him, as a seven-foot chicken would give his lagging business a jolt.

After reaching a certain point in the Plunder Island hub, Guybrush Threepwood is able to play upon Blondebeard's fear and hatred of the Devil Chicken by impersonating El Pollo Diablo (complete with lines delivered in Spanish). This can be done simply by walking into his shop after being tarred and feathered by Mr. Fossey, which prompts a brief exchange that ends with Guybrush being knocked out and delivered to the Pirates of Danjer Cove in fulfillment of an order.

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