360 or PS3

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I'm planing on buy it but I was wondering which version I should get? From some videos the loading on the PS3 is a lot faster than 360. What do you say?

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I make it a habit to usually go PS3 over 360 on a multi-platform release that doesn't include the PC. With a few exceptions, it tends to have a slightly better framerate. Either case; got my copy of El Shaddai on the PS3 earlier today, and it's running smooth as a baby's bottom. (For the sake of clarification, under no circumstance should you ever try to slide babies on their buttocks, or in any other way propell them through any space on the base of their smoothness.) A stunningly beautiful game where missing out on a single frame is a crime in itself!

In other words, don't know if it runs better on the PS3, but it sure does run great on it. Snappy loading times, great framerate.

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I had some GameStop gift cards my relatives got me that were about to expire (every year I tell them: "AMAZON!" but they never listen) so I went to pick it up. I was probably going to get the PS3 version, but the store literally had ordered ONE COPY for each system, and had already sold the PS3 version. It was actually kind of sad.

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After playing through the 360 version, I think you should definitely look into the PS3 version. While it didn't ruin my overall experience, the 360 version has a bad stuttering issue in some areas (mostly later in the game) when you kill enemies (it's worse if you unlock an achievement when you kill them). I understand Ignition has said the PS3 version is better all around, so I'd go with that one.

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@metalsnakezero: PS3 had lead. 
"Performance issues won’t be an issue for El Shaddai on the PlayStation 3. “It's always 60 FPS on PS3,” Bettenhausen explained, “and the controls just feel better. I always tell people that ‘by far, the lead SKU is PS3.’ It is a Japanese game, and in Japan, PlayStation is just so much more relevant than Xbox. It’s sold more than 10 times as many copies on PS3."
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PS3 for sure.

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Thanks for the tips guys.

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