Am I do this right?

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I hate to admit it, but I'm not sure if I'm playing this correctly. My issue comes with the Watcher fights. Every once and a while you will be transported to a battle arena where you are pitted against a Watcher. These Watcher's usually have a name following there salutation--such as Watcher Ezekiel.

I get destroyed by each one of these angels, but then the game just continues. Of course I have played games in the past with Mandatory Death battles, but never one with so many.

So I ask: Am I doing this right? Am I supposed to be losing all these fights or would somehow beating the angels affect the game?

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Am I spell this thread name correctly? Darn...

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Yes. I lost many of them. But i think you can win them too.

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Just beat the game. It would seem that whether you win or lose these early angle fights has no bearing on the game or story. Like most of the game they are completely unexplained and (frankly) poorly implemented. I think I beat two of them with the only apparent effect being a change of end-fight dialog. Lose Example: You have no chance. Win example: You've grown strong.

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Those fights were really only my main complaint with the game; waaaaay too many of them. They do have a bearing on your rating when playing through on the "arcade" mode for a ranking.

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I'm not sure what the deal with those fights are. I've been all over the place in those battles, but I've never seen any of them lead to a "you've won" scenario, like in the more traditional boss battles.

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