Did anyone else hate the demo?

#1 Posted by Grissefar (2905 posts) -

It got an 8.6 at GT and a 5.0 from IGN so I thought IGN had exaggerated and decided to try the demo. Ugh did I not like it:

  • Tedious, mashy combat where encounters go on for far too long
  • Wierd platforming with no air control where it's impossible to judge the distance due to the locked camera
  • For as beautiful and abstract as the environments are, they sure feel empty

At least the checkpointing is forgiving, but what is with that monster at the end? It seems to have come straight out of Noby Noby Boy. Ugh, this is a game I won't ever be the proud owner of, but what about you?

#2 Posted by Slaker117 (4857 posts) -

Played the demo awhile ago and didn't care for it. The visuals were neat, but the gameplay was a bore.

#3 Posted by sirdesmond (1316 posts) -

It had cool visuals, but overall the story seemed really convoluted, the 3D platform was shoddy, and the combat was a blend of tedium and confusion (on my part).

Basically, I did not really care for it, although I wouldn't say I hated it.

#4 Posted by MoonlightMoth (531 posts) -

I had pretty much the same experience. Not quite sure what to make of the reviews to be honest.

#5 Posted by Shuborno (904 posts) -

I thought the demo was neat. Looks great, seemed to control fine in combat and the platforming might not have been the tightest but they don`t punish you for failing so it`s no big deal.

I hear there`s more depth to the combat further along in the game.

I`d buy it if Deus Ex wasn`t coming out so soon.

#6 Posted by Vexxan (4625 posts) -

Gonna try out the demo tonight, the game looked alright during the QL (EX?) and I have some hope for it at least.

#7 Posted by Catolf (2788 posts) -

I liked the demo.. so.. while this isn't a release buy for me i'll be picking it up.

#8 Posted by Sargus (764 posts) -

@Grissefar said:

  • Tedious, mashy combat where encounters go on for far too long
  • Wierd platforming with no air control where it's impossible to judge the distance due to the locked camera

1) The combat doesn't have to be mashy. There's some surprising depth once you get the rhythm of attacks down. It's tricky since it's essentially a one-button combat system.

2) I never had much trouble with the platforming. You get plenty of air control with the Arch weapon equipped - just hold the button down and you float a little bit, with plenty of control.

I beat the game on Normal the other day - and apparently was the first person on Giant Bomb to do so. Shame, because I think it's actually a cool game with some really unique aesthetics. Maybe it's not for everybody (it's not just Ninja Gaiden or DMC again, so it's not really made for those people, exactly) and maybe $60 is a bit too high for most people... but I think it's still worth checking out.

#9 Posted by Spectreman (269 posts) -

In the demo the combat was really long. Is that way in the entire game? Maybe in the demo I was learn the combat and this make the duration take much more time.

#10 Edited by Sanious (799 posts) -
@Spectreman: I dont know, I honestly don't find the combat really long. I'm up to chapter 5 and the most amount of enemies I fought at a time have been 3. I mean you learn patterns and combos better and you do end up switching around the weapons a lot. 
There are a lot of very cool 2d platforming bits that split up the combat nicely, though. When it comes to the 3d platforming, it isn't perfect cause there are times that it's hard to tell the distance of your jump. At this point in time it really hasn't been much of an issue for me.  
I also disagree with the OP that the combat is mashy. At any action games core you can claim it's mashy, there is definitely a flow to it and the specific combos you end up learning do benefit you when it comes to different enemies. The Arch is something that I'd say is probably the 'mashiest' of them all, but it does benefit you to learn combos and the rhythm of things. Overall I think the combat is solid and is very cool to look at when you get a real good combo going. 
I'd also like to add that it doesn't benefit to mash because the enemies surrounding you don't just sit around and wait for you to hit them. They can be pretty aggressive and it's good to know when you should be on the offense and defense.
#11 Edited by Spoonman671 (5134 posts) -

I was starting to become interested in this game until the demo turned me off.  It was just kind of boring.
I don't know if this is because the demo wasn't very good, or because this is one of those "art games" that people think is good even though it isn't.

#12 Posted by pweidman (2446 posts) -

Didn't care for it either. I found the gameplay boring, and the world pretty damn bland. Demo but still..

#13 Posted by DM (88 posts) -

I played the demo.I loved the style of it. But the gameplay felt a bit bland.Plus on normal the enemies were taking way too much damage to die.

#14 Posted by onarum (2546 posts) -

I didn't hate it, just didn't found anything special about it at all, it's god of war on acid.

#15 Posted by Spectreman (269 posts) -

Now I played the first 2 levels. Is better than playing the demo. I sucked in the demo. Now I am learning when e how to use each of 3 weapons. When desarm enemies etc. And is great that each level has a new visual style.

#16 Posted by FoxMulder (1767 posts) -

I dug the look of it a lot, but the gameplay left so much to be desired...I didn;t like the combat at all.

#17 Edited by SteveTabernacle (19 posts) -

The actual combat was ass, and I think the main character design is goofy, as is his weapon in said demo.  Was completely turned off from a purchase.

#18 Posted by believer258 (12963 posts) -

Eh. I did download and finish it. 
I wasn't all that impressed, but I didn't hate it. It seems like a game that's full of itself, and the only people who are gonna care for it are the ones that are just as full of themselves. 
It seems. Doesn't mean that's the way it will be - hell, I'd get it in a 5$ bin. But I'd also pick up Homefront in a 15$ bin, so my standards for budget games aren't so high.

#19 Posted by jaycrockett (603 posts) -

I did not like the demo at all.  I was surprised since I was hearing so much about it.  I didn't even really like the way it looked. 
Maybe it was a bad demo?

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