El Shaddai figures.. CHIBI!

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Oh god dang it... I was a little on the fence about getting this game, more or less not because of quality, or anything like that, it's just money is tight, but not only has El Shaddai crossed the threshold that is my weak point.. but it was all Lucifel's fault.. He had to deliver that message to bandai. But then again.. God made him do it << So now I want the game... and I'm really hoping maybe the purchases go hand in hand as a..possible pre order bonus.
In any case El Shaddai team along with Bandai has made little figures full of adorable. Taking on fallen angels has never been so cute. I think God and Lucifel will be pleased.. Enoch.. well.. don't know, but he's damn cute.

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Enoch looks like a girl in Chibi form. 
I know it's a hard balance to strike... but this was nowhere near it.

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Horrible. Just horrible.

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