So far... this game is confusing, but pretty.

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So I was interested in how this game looked so I decided to give it a try. On the one hand the visuals are delivering, a lot of variation so far and it looks very different.

But the game itself is really confusing me. So far the point seems to be going after these fallen angel guys in this tower and they each have their own area in the tower. Ok, videogames, I can get that, lets go! But now every time these angel guys show up, they just kick my ass completely in a few seconds. But the game keeps going so I'm think thats supposed to happen, I don't really know and the game doesn't seem interested in telling me.

Getting deeper in I had one encounter with one of them and didn't get completely worked and he ran off, so I'm thinkng, ok I got this we can do this. Then I got to the end of that section of the tower, fought these pig things and then the game moved me on. But wait, wasn't I supposed to get the fallen angel guy, they keep telling me thats what I'm here to do. Why is game just moving on? Did I miss something?

I'll keep at it but I feel like I'm missing something. I feel like that the game should be telling me a bit more about whats going on but its not.

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I hope someone can come up with an explanation for this!

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I guess you're supposed to get the angels, but they just keep popping up randomly and screwing with you since you still aren't powerful enough to take them down.

Or something.

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It's just.. an amazing, amazing phenomenon how four men, giving or not giving attention to a certain product on their website, can severely alter people's interest in said product and thus change its sales to better or worse. 
Deadly Premonition, Bastion, Persona 4, all games that owe a good chunk of their sales and general positive opinions to those four men. This game, for some reason, just dropped off their radar, and it's more or less dead to us now. Haha.

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The gameplay of that game never seemed like it's main draw. The visuals are the point methinks.

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