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Elebits was a game that released in the launch window for the Nintendo Wii. In this exciting Wii game, you use your Wiimote as a capture gun. Kia, the main character, is a young boy who feel neglected by his parents because they are caught up in their jobs. When he is left home alone, Elebits go crazy, running free around the town and causing all the electricity to go out. Now, it is up to Kai to use the capture gun to capture the Elebits and get power back to the city.


A flying Elebit.

Elebits is a first person shooter, but perhaps an nontraditional one. Instead of shooting a gun that shoots bullets, Kai controls a capture gun that sucks in Elebits, harnessing their electric power. However, Players simply point a the screen and hit "B" to capture an Elebit. Once the Elebit is captured, its electricity is utilized, and appliances can be turned on. Each Elebit contains a certain amount of electricity, and each appliance requires a specific amount of electricity to power on. Once the required amount of electricity is obtained, and the power is turned on, special Elebits are released that can be used to power up the capture gun and allow the player to manipulate and move heavier objects with the capture gun.


The main story mode consists of 29 missions, including several boss levels along the way. Each mission has a set amount of electricity that needs to be obtained, and the level is complete once that amount is obtained. The boss levels work differently, having you find different ways to get the boss's life bar down to zero.

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