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Electro Man, a platformer released by Epic Megagames, is the story of a man turned cyborg seeking revenge for his murdered wife. Electro Man's design is widely considered to be heavily inspired by Robo-Cop.

Electro Man was originally released as shareware, giving the user an invitation to purchase the full game at the conclusion of the first level. The game is now freeware.


The start of the game.

Electro Man is equipped with a gun, which at first doesn't shoot. Players must first power up their gun by collecting batteries.

With one battery the gun shoots a blue laser beam which fades out after a certain distance. With two batteries the gun shoots out a pink, thicker laser beam which will travel the length of the screen or until impact. With three batteries the gun will shoot revolving fireballs. With four batteries the gun will shoot a green laser beam which can travel through all enemies and targets. With five batteries the gun shoots a laser wall the height of Electro-Man. If the gun is fired too quickly, it will over-heat and Electro Man will lose a battery. Batteries will also be depleted with prolonged use.

Any contact with enemies or projectiles will cause Electro Man to blow up and return to the last checkpoint. If Electro Man returns to a checkpoint, all batteries are taken away and will then reappear throughout the level. There are eight levels within the game.

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