EA Are Going To Sell You Game Demos And Betas $$$

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#51 Posted by Ghostiet (5306 posts) -

Demo = commercial.

The last fucking thing I'm going to do is to pay for a commercial.

#52 Posted by Akeldama (4257 posts) -

Everyone chill the fuck out. Lets just see where this leads.

#53 Posted by Meptron (1113 posts) -

If people want to pay money for an advertisement they can go right ahead. Doesn't affect me. It may give some people a day 1 advantage in multiplayer, but I guess I'll just have to take that into consideration when deciding if I'm going to play the game!

#54 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

They could easily use this as a way to set up some background stuff for the full game, as is noted at the end, it could be "prequel" stuff.  I think it's fine if they want to charge me 10 bucks to get 2 hours or so extra content to a game I'm looking forward to.  What I won't pay for however is if they just try to sell the first hour or two of a game, that would be quite foolish to pay for, especially if you're going to buy the full game.

#55 Posted by Colin (707 posts) -

Anyone who pays for a DEMO is just stupid imo, no matter what the length is.

#56 Posted by Kazona (3094 posts) -

I sort of like the idea, but I do have some issues with it. My biggest one being that they want people to pay for the "demo," and then later expect them to pay full price for the retail product. So we'd get to play, let's say, a quarter of a 10 hour game for $10 - $15, and later we would have to shell out another $60 to play that same quarter again, and the rest. That's a pretty big deal breaker if you ask me.
My other issue, albeit minor, is that "extended demo" is not a good name for this. Something with "trial" or "try-out" in the name would be far better. Best thing I can think of is, "pre-release trial," or, "pre-release try-out."

#57 Posted by nick_verissimo (1401 posts) -

As long as EA is the only company going with this model then all the power to them.  If they just hadn't phrased this as whatever these pieces of DLC are demo's or beta's then some people would get more excited for them.  As some people have mentioned getting these PDLC's and unlocking the rest of the game at a discounted price sounds good, but are you really willing to download possibly 5-6 gb's of data on top of what you're paying for the game.  I'm just saying bandwidth ain't cheap!

#58 Posted by DuderBattalion (269 posts) -
@bunnyboiler said:

" @JakJ said:

" They won't be charging for demos as we know them today. We can take the threat level down a couple colors guys. "

So the 'traditionally free' demos will be a demo of the extended demo.


This. EA never said they are going to charge from traditional demos.   
Quote from EA:
 "To date, there is no set pricing strategy for the entire EA portfolio. And many of the proposals include free-to-play content on models similar to Madden Ultimate Team, Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield 1943," he added. 

"None of the proposals call for charging consumers for traditionally free game demos."     
#59 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2913 posts) -

If buying the demo got you a discount on the final product, this would be awesome news and probably make them more money in the long run. It wouldn't even have to be all of the money you spent on the demo, just $5 off would do the trick, I'm sure plenty of people would pay $5-$10 for a sneak preview of a game they're really excited about. In that scenario, everyone wins, gamers get a preview and EA gets more money, with a higher chance of them buying the full product because now they've got a coupon. How is this not common sense? Do they not understand the concept of discounts making people more likely to buy things?
Instead they do this, everyone sees it as a cash grab and gets pissed off. Taking a great idea and making it something that people hate you for... Nice strategy, guys.

#60 Posted by Yukoei (1878 posts) -

Are they going to charge us to watch a quarter of a movie now?

#61 Edited by Seppli (10250 posts) -

Well - I think it sounds worse than it is. Done right, it could be 'effin awesome. 
EA has mentioned BF 1943 and its success as an example to see what they actually mean with this. BF 1943 very much a vertical slice of a much bigger game (that might never have been made as a full price game). As far as I'm concerned BF 1943 is the best purchase I made off XBLA thus far. I got well over 100h of fun out of it. 
Imagine Criterion trying out something new and unprooven with Burnout. Like some kind of crazy online mode. They'll develop a vertical slice. 2-3 tracks, 4 cars. Everybody at EA loves it. They decide to publish it as a 10$ title on XBLA and PSN. Everybody wins. EA can greenlight more vertical slices, since they can monetize them per digital distribution. Developers get to take more risks and can try out some of their crazy ideas. We get to play such things, at a low price. 
Look at Hydrophobia, Breach, Blacklight : Tango Down... They all pretty much are what EA is talking about. Vertical slices of bigger games at a small price.

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