EA Online Service Shutdown List

#1 Posted by Linkyshinks (11405 posts) -
Electronic Arts are shutting down online services for some of their older titles this February.  
February 2, 2010 Online Service Shutdown List 
  • UEFA Champions League 07 PC and x360 
  • Facebreaker x360 and PS3 
  • Fantasy Football 09 x360 and PS3 
  • FIFA 07 PSP, PS2, PC 
  • Fight Night Round 3 PS2 
  • Madden 08 Wii 
  • Madden 08 PC 
  • Madden 09 Xbox1 
  • Madden 09 Wii and PSP 
  • March Madness 07 x360 
  • NBA 07 PSP, x360 
  • NBA 08 PS2, PSP, Wii 
  • NBA 09 Wii - Europe only 
  • NBA Street (2007) PS3 and x360 
  • NCAA Football 08 PS2 
  • NCAA Football 09 PS2 
  • NASCAR 08 PS2 
  • NASCAR 09 PS2 
  • NASCAR 09 PS3 and x360 - Europe Only 
  • NFL Tour PS3 and x360 
  • NHL 07 PSP and x360 
  • NHL 08 PC 
  • Tiger Woods 07 PC 
  • Madden 09 x360 and PS3 
  • Madden 07 Xbox 360

#2 Posted by Ghostiet (5700 posts) -

Mercenaries 2 and the first Army of Two are basicly shutdown too, because I don't remember anyone who saw these games working on-line nowadays.

#3 Posted by Willy105 (4915 posts) -

I hate when they do this. I wish I could still play X-Wing Alliance and Flight Simulator 2002 online.
#4 Posted by SamStrife (1328 posts) -

No one would have noticed if this news hadn't been posted, and it saves EA money, so fair play I suppose.

#5 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -

They're pulling the service for the PS2 version of NASCAR '09!?!??!?!?

#6 Posted by Cameron (633 posts) -

This doesn't matter. Is anyone seriously still playing any of the games on this list?  Madden 09 is the only one that looks odd to me, and anyone who was a big Madden fan would own Madden 10 by now.

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