EA Reveals Lineup For Fiscal 2011

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#51 Posted by MarkWahlberg (4605 posts) -


#52 Posted by BD (253 posts) -
@Milkman: HELL YEA!! Action Title
#53 Posted by xyzygy (9996 posts) -
@ryanwho said:
" Not sure why they're being coy about what is clearly Gears of War 3 in Q4. "
Sarcasm? It doesn't really work well on the internet... so I can't tell :(
#54 Posted by buzz_killington (3532 posts) -

So excited for the "Shooter from Epic"!!

#55 Posted by Hot_Karl (3309 posts) -

Like most people, I'm thinking that the TBA Fighting Game is probably Fight Night Round 5; they can alternate years between MMA & Boxing games.
One thing to mention (that no one probably cares about) is that there's nary a mention of NCAA Basketball 11. I wouldn't miss it/wouldn't care if it's gone, but there you go.

#56 Posted by Death_Unicorn (2838 posts) -


#57 Posted by Kontrapunkt (413 posts) -

"Monopoly Title TBA" Yes!

#58 Posted by Bionicicide (1213 posts) -

Medal of Honor - September
Crysis 2 - November
Dead Space 2 - March
Calling it.

#59 Posted by CitizenJP (1020 posts) -

Oh yay Crysis 2! Great game except for the part where I can't run it. :(

#60 Edited by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

Wait... APB isn't even coming to consoles at all? I know so little about this game.
Edit, also a new Sims title? It's probably not just an expansion since there's nothing else listed and those usually come out multiple times per year.

#61 Posted by Druminator (1678 posts) -

Fuck sports games.

#62 Posted by udabenshen (178 posts) -

Still waiting to hear about Battlefield 3.  I am really interested in seeing if a game like BF2 is even viable anymore.  Man, I hope so!

#63 Posted by Lazyaza (2184 posts) -

No Dead Space 2 on PC? wtf!  
Crysis 2, yay!  hope its good
New Need for Speed, also hope its good but expect more disappointment

#64 Posted by NeoGecko (151 posts) -

hmm, new mass effect content.

#65 Posted by Rayfield (2097 posts) -

I just read that EA expect to earn over 3 billion dollars in this fiscal 2011 period. That's a lot of kablingy.
#66 Posted by Quacktastic (1066 posts) -

 @Olivaw said:

" WHAT DOES "FAR-REACHING" MEAN.  It can't be an MMO and it can't be a sequel so soon.  Spinoff game? Expansion? Do those make you think of "far-reaching?" Because I don't know!  This is gonna drive me crazy until next year, isn't it. "

It's a fiscal report, I read "far-reaching" as reaching more potential customers so I would guess another platform.  DS thing, iphone thing or PS3 port/thing.

@xyzygy said:

" Making a Dragon Age game for handhelds is kind of... I dunno... weird. "

I'd bet they are moving DA: Journeys away from flash and putting them on a hand held.
#67 Posted by Scruffers (5 posts) -

A new SSX pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :(

#68 Posted by lead_farmer (1041 posts) -

yay, dead space 2. that game was alright

#69 Posted by Brockly46 (645 posts) -
@Druminator said:
" Fuck sports games. "
#70 Posted by joelalfaro (572 posts) -

Cool retro logo!

#71 Posted by mrcraggle (1938 posts) -
Look at the podcasts on youtube. RTW have said countless times, PC only first release. That doesn't necessarily mean it won't be for consoles at some point but I wouldn't hold out for it.
#72 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

No Grand Slam Tennis sequel, that's too bad. I just bought it and was looking forward to a next installment.

#73 Posted by virtorio (249 posts) -

How about another ThemePark God dammit.

#74 Posted by TwoOneFive (9459 posts) -

Criterions Need for Speed is going to fucking awesome man

#75 Posted by RoadCrewWorker (157 posts) -
@Lazyaza said:
" No Dead Space 2 on PC? wtf!   

indeed, what the hell? is it going to be a tower defense game this time or maybe a rythm turn based tetris clone?

How about a real Dead Space game? :(

#76 Posted by Nizzleworth (253 posts) -

Didn't realize Dead Space 2 was that far off. :(
Also, Action Title is gonna be SICK!

#77 Posted by Jayzilla (2562 posts) -

Umm...where is Star Wars: The Old Republic? I can't wait that long.

#78 Posted by Liminality (444 posts) -

No Dead Space on PC... EA has broken my heart.

#79 Posted by armaan8014 (5404 posts) -
@Liminality said:
" No Dead Space on PC... EA has broken my heart. "
Oh god!! GAAH!! Damn it!!
#80 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2486 posts) -

"more than just a sequel" sounds like the perfect tag-line for a bad sequel. 

#81 Posted by TheHBK (5486 posts) -

shooter from Epic?  Unreal Tournament?  Something Unreal? 
But looking at their Q3 lineup which is for the holidays, nothing looks compelling except NBA Jam.  That and the Epic shooter came out of their buying Midway properties.  Guess EA really is losing it.  Though I think Jam was from Acclaim but was from MIdway.

#82 Posted by MannAlive (155 posts) -

2 Sports Active games?  I guess at least one of those is a Natal game.  Sad they don't seem to have a space for anything more revolutionary for that thing.  
There is a stranded TBA at the end, but that's just a tease.  I end all of my lists with TBA, too.

#83 Posted by AndrewB (7621 posts) -

Given how long development on Dragon Age took, I'd say it's another expansion pack. They haven't had that much turnaround time, and they're already working on expansion pack one. I guess I could be wrong though; I'm not completely sure how Bioware divides up their development teams. It's just hard to see them coming out with more so soon after two major game launches within months of each other.
Also, no Dead Space 2 PC? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but still...
I would assume "New SIms Title" and "Spore Title" would be expansion packs? The latter may be another dumb offshoot game, given that it's listed for console release, as well. Ugh... I remember a time when I really enjoyed Spore, and I wish they had done more ambitious things with it.

#84 Posted by UselessNinjaMan (41 posts) -

No PC release for Dead Space 2? That's bull. It was the only horror game I ever really played (and beat), I loved it and was SO looking forward to the sequel. Thanks, EA, for taking the route of screwing over PC gamers. Good to know we're appreciated.

#85 Posted by sandwich_adjustment (685 posts) -

+10 for old EA logo..... I just got Deluxe Paint 3 in a box and its by EA heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaargh

#86 Posted by Reverseface (1221 posts) -

Hmmmmmm the future.

#87 Posted by DCFGS3 (1054 posts) -

Dam, APB is a way away.

#88 Posted by pignoli (5 posts) -

APB is looking like taking my 'big summer game' spot. Yay:)

#89 Edited by BombaLuigi (152 posts) -

a dragon age title for handhelds? hopefully for dsi-ware... dragon age: totally party... help bobby, sarah, mom & dad as they are fighting wave after wave of bad, bad ogres (in snuggies)!

#90 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2473 posts) -

If they scrap a proper Mass Effect 3 in favor of an half-assed MMO, I am gonna be miffed.

#91 Posted by Winternet (8019 posts) -

I sincerely hope that they just forgot to include a X in the field for Dead Space 2 in the PC. If not, all hell will break loose.

#92 Posted by lhaymehr (203 posts) -

This is some goooood info!

#93 Posted by ONEmileperhour (31 posts) -

i'm playing the bad company beta for pc right now and all it makes me want is bf3. why not in fiscal 2011? maybe fiscal 2012 which could still be 2011...blarg

#94 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -

Cool, but I expect Crysis 2 will be delayed.
I hope Tiger 11's Motion Plus exclusive on Wii.

#95 Posted by PosableActionFigure (188 posts) -

A Mass-Effect MMO would not be considered "far-reaching" compared to the original game. Far-reaching means either another platform (handheld, Wii casual game) or a movie.

#96 Posted by S0ndor (2716 posts) -

More Mass Effect and Dragon Age, fuck yeah! And I'm willing to bet my house on neither of them being MMO's. I mean come on, that would freaking suck and Bioware knows that too.

#97 Posted by empfeix (774 posts) -
@kagekage said:
" I refuse to buy EA's MMA because I am such a big UFC fanboy :P Plus EA pissed off Dana White. YOU DO NOT PISS OFF DANA WHITE. "
It's the only thing EA has done that has made me happy in a long time.  Dana is a douche.
#98 Edited by Bionicicide (1213 posts) -
@Winternet said:

" I sincerely hope that they just forgot to include a X in the field for Dead Space 2 in the PC. If not, all hell will break loose. "

From the vocal minority... all comes down to sales and pirates. Must've been worse than I thought, since X360 to PC (vice versa) ports are supposed to be the easiest.
#99 Edited by PenguinDust (12522 posts) -
APB is something I am looking forward to, and it's good to see that Crysis 2 will make it to store shelves this fall.  The one that surprised me is the Dragon Age game.  I wonder if that is a whole game or another expansion pack.  Either way, I'll be picking it up at some point (i.e. "steam sale").
@atomic_dumpling:  Mass Effect is a trilogy, so I wouldn't worry about Bioware scraping the third installment for an MMO.  Now, that doesn't mean that an MMO won't be made, but I wouldn't bank on it until Star Wars: The Old Republic is up and running.  I'm betting the new game is a Kart racer featuring MAKOs. ;-)
#100 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

I dont get excited about anything on that list until Dead Space 2, though I would probably get another Medal of Honor if it turned out alright.

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