EA shuts down Rock band on iOS, lets people still buy it though.

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Why shut it down? I'm not sure on how the app works, but does it pull everything from online or something?

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@mandude said:

Why shut it down? I'm not sure on how the app works, but does it pull everything from online or something?

Probably to do with licensing the songs.
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Ah. What a load of bollocks.

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So now we see the real dark side of living in "you don't own the game, you license it from us for a fee" land. Nobody will give a shit because this is a phone game. If this kind of thing happened on consoles people would lose their fucking minds.

I expect a lot of hemmin and hawin about this somehow being a logical move and user should learn to deal with it. I also expect a lawsuit.

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I'm usually against the EA hate but this is bull.

If they only licensed the songs for a limited time up front, they should have called this a 'subscription' and not sold it as a full game. I bet a lot of people didn't know this when they bough it.

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Got a snarky PM "a lawsuit over £3... really"

Yes a lawsuit over $3. This is why class action exists in the United States.

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Also, more than being about the money, a lawsuit would be taking a strong stance against it and stop them doing it in the future.

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I'd have to assume they had this in the EULA. Otherwise they're in a precarious position legally.

How many songs did you get for 3 bucks or however much it was?

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@Brodehouse: EULAs don't protect them from legal action and isn't a free pass to fuck people over.

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A licensing issue presumably. Eh.

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An ELUA wont help them when Apple wont give refunds for Apps

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Fair. Next.

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@PokeIkzai said:

Fair. Next.

Not sure if serious. If you are indeed serious, how is this fair? Ummm, people paid money for a game they thought that they were buying a game that they would be able to play as long as they owned an iOS device? Basically EA has told you that you are now licensing their game until they say that you are done playing it.

This is exactly why I am not buying into the DD future. GoG I feel pretty confident with, and Steam, still not sure about them, but they seem like a lot of people would not happy if their games would start disappearing.

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