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It's amazing how much better Valve/Steam is than EA/Origin. The best way to avoid EA's incompetence and not fall victim to their illegal behaviour is to just not buy stuff from them and not use Origin.

in my experience the difference between Steam and Origin are grossly overstated on the internet. i have experienced no problems with Origin at all and i use it for a number of games, BF3, Burnout Paradise, Alice, Crysis, N4S, Dead space 1 and 2 and others. and it works great. i've had to restore my PC also as the OP has and did not encounter the problem that the OP did. in fact the experience was flawless. just as good as steam in every way.

i have no weird love for either piece of software, they are just a means of me playing my games.

EA is in control of Origin. It's because of their behaviour that seemingly so many people have problems with it. It's not the software itself that's the problem.

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How about just not supporting EA altogether? Pirating is bad press, but press none the less. If you truly hate EA, protest like an adult or not at all.

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Origin has fantastic customer service. Pick up your phone and talk to a real person and they'll fix your problem in minutes.

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Don't you just love how every thread about PC gaming ends in a discussion of piracy?

Yeah, when did Piracy get into this thread? OP never mentioned Piracy, and he never edited his post. Great job everybody for derailing this thread

Yay reading comprehension!

Is it that hard to figure out what he means when he says he'll still be playing their games but he wont be paying for them?

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