Everybody Hates EA, Apparently

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@MatPaget: but if they hadn't shut down pandemic, all their fantastic staff wouldn't be teaching me the ways at uni right now, or have given me an hd for my 2d level design assignment this past week! :)

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A video game ending versus losing your house. Yeah, that equates...

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@NaDannMaGoGo said:

Every gamer SHOULD hate EA.

I couldn't care less about that poll, and EA winning this means more folks get aware of that crap company. Meanwhile if the Bank of America won, who'd give a shit. Everyone knows they suck already.

EA needs to die, won't happen anytime soon but considering how much effort they're putting into screwing over their customers, eventually none is left. EA absolutely dwarfs every other company/publisher in regards to what's bad.

No, not every gamer should hate EA, you're as wrong as it gets. EA is far from a bad wolf when it comes to gaming, Valve is an absolute bitch, Activision is a gang of whores, while EA do... ehm, right, release a lot of good games. They even give you the choice to buy their dlc's, horrible people, they should probably force you to buy them. Oh, and they gave people an alternative to Steam, omg, what a terrible company. EA have done it's mistakes, but they don't do it to piss you off, they to it to profit at the same time that they try to make a good product, and generally they don't compromise they make a good product part. If they do, you should put some proof out there. And they have NEVER screwed me over, not once. They have pissed me off, but never screwed me over.


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@darkdragonmage99: Sure people hated EA a few years back but I felt like for a couple of years they moved away from that. I don't even have a problem with Project Ten Dollar but it's more than that now. Just a shame to see because it really felt as though they were moving away from being a company to hate and now they're falling back into their old ways.

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EA is algood. Dead Space 1 and 2, Mirrors Edge, FIFA 12, Skate 1 2 and 3, ME2 and 3, Battlefield 3, Brutal Legend, SSX. and Burnout Paradise. All some of my favourite games of this generation how on earth can a company that makes fun videogames be the worst company in America? As people of lost life savings and houses to banks, it makes me not care what these EA haters care anymore, there whole world is the internet in there Moms basement.

They don't even make those games. They just publish them. BIG difference there. They made money by essentially being freeloaders of the devs' hard work, then when they've outlived their usefulness, the developers get shut down. Along with a bunch of other crap that appears anti-consumer.

Lol someone who doesn't know how business works.

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@insanejedi: I know how it works. Doesn't mean I have to like it.
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This poll was voted on by people who don't know the inter-workings of business but instead vote for the popular pick. So this poll is essentially the MTV movie award version of a business poll.

...so what I guess I'm saying is is that this poll is worthless bull-shit.

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It's a poll among internet users who actually visit consumerist or sites linking to the poll, it's hardly surprising bank of America's shitty tactics don't affect them. At the same time, EA HAS managed to completely ignore consumers and focused solely on profit, following Kotick's lead from Activision-Blizzard.

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More reason the ME3-trolls should just give up....

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@Nettacki said:

@insanejedi: I know how it works. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Your statements of anti-consumer and alleged freeloading of EA clearly proves you don't.

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Really? Really?

We have clothes corporations that used child labor as cheap, disposable, labor; we have tobacco corporations that knowingly manufacture and sell poisonous items to as many people they can; we have companies that are closer to loan sharks than legal banking. Yet all that is unimportant, compared to what EA make to the ending of Mass Effect 3.

And people say Internet is not full of self-entitlement...

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