Man, I guess I really wont be buying any more EA games.

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Good for you. I'm sure all these people will be singing a different tune when every developer has its own "Origin".

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Skipping a what looks to be pretty cool game because it's not on steam is the most fucking retarded thing ever.

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@BeachThunder said:

@Animasta said:

holy shit what's with you people?

doesn't want to use multiple DD sites (I use multiple but steam is obviously the main one and I have not used origin because they have no games I want), decides not to buy EA games which are not sold on platform of choice. Voting with the wallet and making a sound argument. apparently this makes you a crazy person!

fuck all y'all

Don't worry, it's just the typical "I had to sign up to something to get what I wanted, therefore I'm going to justify to myself that the service that I signed up for is great" type cognitive dissonance.

Yay, two sane people!
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I didnt want to purchase Mass Effect 3 via Origin. So I went to preorder at my local retail store.

As it turned out, that saved me 18$. WTF Origin?!

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I didn't realize people were so crazy about steam that they refuse to deal with any other program......good to know.

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@Unknown_Pleasures said:

I didn't realize people were so crazy about steam that they refuse to deal with any other program......good to know.

I'll only speak for myself here, but it's not that I only want to use Steam, it that I don't want to use Origin. EA is the only company that has taken an active position against Steam, like it or not Steam is a great service and the leader in PC game distribution. EA could have built a legitimate competitor to Steam, there is absolutely nothing Steam does that can't be copied, but instead EA built... well nothing but a store mascuerading as a platform and have taken their games off of Steam, creating a problem for people that want to buy their games. People already invested in Steam, probably aren't going to use Origin ever, and especially not in it's current state, EA should focus on improving Origin to the point that people want to use it, not feel forced to use it.

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@Unknown_Pleasures: I didn't realize people can't have a preferred platform... good to know.

(also I can get steamworks codes from amazon, greenmangaming, so...)

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@Leptok: Thank you so much for letting us know this. I know I for one was waiting on the edge of my seat for what you had to say. Also, get over yourself and stop being such a Steam lemming.

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True story, most of the people in this thread work for Origin's PR department.

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I only buy games if they're on Origin. Steam? Fuck that shit.

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