Electroplankton's coming to DSiWare next week.....sort of.

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Electroplankton, a very cool "game" on the DS, is coming to DSiWare next week. But there's a catch. Each of the ten levels will be released separately for 200 points each. That's kind of weird, and very inconvenient, but I'll still get all of them because I totally lost my copy of Electroplankton last year and I have 2000 points on my DSi right now. Actually, I'll try and find it cheaper, because I'm sure there is somewhere I can buy it for like 15 bucks and just have it in a single card.


What about you guys, do you think it's worth it to have 10 different Electroplankton levels on your menu at once? Or is it too much of a hassle?

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Does the DSi interface not allow for folders either?

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@Suicrat said:
" Does the DSi interface not allow for folders either? "
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Electroplankton is nice, but that's extremely overpriced.

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@RedSox8933: You probably won't be able to find it for like $15. It usually goes for around $60+, from what I've seen.
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@StarFoxA: That kind of pisses me off. The least that Nintendo could do would be to release a full version along with the individual levels. I guess I'll just skip all of this nonsense and wait for the next Art Style game to come out.
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@RedSox8933: If you really want it, just keep an eye on eBay and you may find a good deal eventually.

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