Elemental Quicklook please?

#1 Posted by TekZero (2686 posts) -

Anyone else think this would be a good idea?  I mean we even got a Mount and Blade quicklook. 

#2 Posted by august (3861 posts) -

It's supposed to be pretty bad.

#3 Posted by kwyee (234 posts) -
@august said:
" It's supposed to be pretty bad. "
That's what a quicklook is for: to confirm/deny it :) 
It'd be pretty funny if the game crashes on the GB's machines and the QL is just them trying to get the game to actually work. 
#4 Posted by ryanwho (12082 posts) -

There's nothing quick about Elemental. A half hour would get you a quarter way through the tutorial level.

#5 Posted by Mikemcn (7005 posts) -
@august said:
" It's supposed to be pretty bad. "
I heard that too, i also heard it got alot better. It was still broken enough that it got killed for sales.
#6 Posted by AndrewB (7685 posts) -

I haven't heard anyone say the game is bad. It's pretty good, but it was just plagued with a whole lot of bugs that shouldn't have made it into a game that's being sold.  
I, too, would like to see a quick look. It's a game I might be interested in buying unless Civ V ends up eating all of my time (which probably will happen, but...)

#7 Posted by TekZero (2686 posts) -

After reading the reviews, the general consensus is that while it is buggy, it is still worth buying if for the end product alone.  I haven't bought it yet due to the fact that I don't have a computer capable of running it, but when I do get my gaming rig, it will be in my first 5 purchases.  
Civ 5 will be #1 on that list however. 

#8 Posted by kratier (223 posts) -

These guys who do quicklooks get the game for free, if they didnt do a quicklook about it, it means the publishers did not ship them a copy of the game. 
That being said, all it takes is a simple email to ask for a copy so they can do a quicklook.

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