Is this game fixed yet?

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I remembered this game after playing a game similar to it called Spellforce, and I wanted to know if it got fixed yet, since I thought the game was pretty cool, but never bought it because I heard it was buggy and broken, so is it fixed yet? Can I buy it without it breaking on me?

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No one knows?

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They will be releasing a "stand alone expansion" shortly, which looks like will be a lot better, but It seems they have ironed out most of the problems with patches to the current game. 
Fallen Enchantress is the name, personally I think that getting a game, fixing it so it's what it was supposed to be in the first place and re-releasing it as a stand alone expansion is not alright, but at least the devs/publisher realize this and will be giving the game for free to war of magic early adopters as well as a big discount to ones that bought it this year.

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As far as I can tell, the game is ready for prime time now.  Only issue
for me now is finding time to play it, which I can't do right now. :-/  I wish
it was on Steam & had Steam achievements. :-/

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