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Elena is the newest member of the Turks and holds the lowest rank among all of the others. Her family have been related with the Shinra organization for a long time as her father was a teacher for the Shinra Military Academy and her sister was a member of the Turks as well. Even though she had family in the business she resented her sister for always outperforming her abilities and always aimed to be better than her older sister.

She is the hardest-working member of the Turks and is sometimes naive, impulsive and persistent in her work not always getting the task done as a result. She tends to talk too much and slip out secrets from time to time unintentionally. Elena tends to hold the group back at times on missions that she may not be ready for such as the Temple of the Ancients, but she is very resourceful a trait that has saved their lives in the past. Elena has a crush on Tseng, the current leader of the Turks and that fact has come to her disadvantage in a few situations in the past when on an important mission.

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