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Elena as she appears in Ike's dream at the start of Path of Radiance.

Elena is a character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. A former priestess at a Daein temple, she fled the country with her husband, General Gawain, after being entrusted with Lehran's Medallion and the Heron clan's galdr, the song of release.

Together, Elena and Gawain, who adopted the name Greil, made a home for themselves in Gallia and became close friends of the Gallian King Caineghis. Eventually, she gave birth to two children, Ike and Mist. She adopted the melody of the song of release as a lullaby that she sang to them when putting them to bed.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck on the fateful day Greil made the mistake of taking hold of Lehran's Medallion. Gripping the chaos in his heart, the medallion drove Greil mad, and he went on a killing spree, cutting down all that stood in his path. To stop him, Elena allowed herself to be run through by his sword so that she could take the medallion back from his grasp. She died soon after.

Effects of Elena's Death

Following Elena's death, Greil intentionally injured the tendons in his sword hand so that he would never be able to wield a sword again. When he learned that his daughter Mist had the same balance of spirit that allowed Elena to keep her sanity while holding the medallion, he allowed her to keep it and forbade all others from touching it. He then moved with his family to Crimea, where he established the Greil Mercenaries.

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