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The player first meets Elesa when she resolves a confrontation between Bianca (the player's friend and rival) and her father, who is opposed to her traveling Unova, by relating her experiences as a model. Afterward, she returns to her gym to await the player's challenge.

Nimbasa Gym

Elesa's gym is full of roller-coaster tracks. The player must ride the cars around and flip switches to get to the next track and, eventually, to the platform where Elesa waits.

Gym Leader Elesa
3240G, Bolt Badge, TM72 - Volt Switch



  • Elesa is apparently friends with Gen IV's Champion Cynthia, and visits her in the summertime.
  • She is possibly inspired by Lily, the Vocaloid program, which is very popular in Japan, and/or Lady Gaga (based on her speech about accepting other's differences).

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