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Well, this game is a compilation of both Elf Bowling 1 and Elf Bowling 2. Both are available for FREE on the PC. Yet this game costs $20. It really says something that the one and only game with a rating on Metacritic that was scored lower than Elf Bowling 1 & 2 is Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

Elf Bowling 1

...You hit a button when the cursor is in the "sweet spot" of the meter. Strike. That's it. No AI, no nothing. You can bowl a game. You can do it again. By bowl, I mean hit a button a dozen or so times. Would you like to return to the main menu? Too bad. You'll have to turn off the DS and turn it back on like a real man. There's no way to exit a game. This applies to Elf Bowling 2 as well.

Elf Bowling 2

This isn't even bowling! It's....according to the developer....."a crazy shuffleboard tournament, with the Elves serving as 'pucks' and providing their own special, colorful commentary." Shuffleboard? Oh yeah, that's crazy. The colorful commentary consists of lame one-liners like "Those all the balls you got, Santa?" ....Need I say more?

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