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Elfmania is set in the mythical land of Muhmulandia a land of elves. The player can became the ruler of the elven kingdom by defeating the king in an Honour Fight. The player also stands to win the Dragon Fan, a mystical object which bestows the secrets of the universe upon its owner.


Map of Mhumulandia on a 6x6 grid (Amiga)

The map of Muhmulandia is divided up into 36 squares which are called counties. The player needs to defeat opponents from six consecutive counties and create an unbroken line of 6 conquered counties in a row(vertically, horizontally or diagonally) on the map to win the crown and the Dragon Fan.

You start off with 75 coins which you can use to buy the services of fighters. More experienced ones cost more coins, so at the start of game you can only choose between one of three characters(Janika, Taiki or Tenko) who cost 75 coins each. During the fight you can earn coins by hitting the opponents who thereupon release coins. These coins can be collected by hitting them. The bars at the top of the screen don't represent the amount of energy remaining they show the bank balances of the characters which will be reduced everytime the opponent lands a punch. For a won fight you get 50 coins plus the amount of the collected coins released by the opponents. Extra coins can be won in bonus stages or double prize fights. With the won coins you are able to hire some tougher fighters like Kosken, Seven or Matiki for later bouts. If you completely run out of coins you are not able to hire any fighters and the game is lost.

The control methods of Elfmania are easy to use and there are no complicated joystick maneuvers like in Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat.

The available moves are:

  • Kicking - push the joystick in the opposite direction(away from the opponent) and press fire
  • High Kick - push the joystick in the opposite direction and up at the same time and press fire
  • Squat-Block - pull down and press fire
  • Stand-Block - pull back and press fire
  • Jumping - just push up
  • Punching - push the joystick in the direction your character is facing and press fire
  • Special Move - rapidly repeat a certain joystick combination like push back and fire or push back and up with fire


NameHome CountySpecial Move
Janika: The pirate elf
The pirate harbour
Spinning Middle Kick
Kosken: The executioner
The dungeon
High Punch
Matiki: The fat king
The kings hall
Hammer Swing
Seven: The guardian
The castle
360-degree Sword Spin
Taiki: The ice elf
The village
Spinning Jump Kick
Tenko: The forest elf
The waterfalls
Spinning High Kick

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