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Elika and the Prince
Elika first appears in Prince of Persia when she accidentally collides with the Prince as she evades mysterious pursuers. The Prince helps her escape, and it is revealed that Elika is actually an Ahuran princess, servant of Ormazd, god of light. Her pursuers are actually soldiers under the command of her father, who has released the dark god Ahriman from his prison.

Elika enlists the aid of the Prince. Together they heal corrupted fertile grounds, magical areas of land that give strength to the seal on Ahriman's prison. 



Life-saving handgrab
Elika is not a playable character, but is used in several means. In the main part of the game ( Prince of Persia), the traversal, a button can be pressed for extending Prince's jump, effectively making it a double jump. At this moment Elika teleports from wherever she is, grabs Prince's hand and swings him up and forward. Simmilar mechanic is used whenever Prince falls to a certain death - Elika appears, grabs Prince's hand and lands him safely on the solid ground.

Elika is also a part of the combat, she gives a player ability to use magic, making it possible to create combos of magic, sword attacks, grabs and jumps.
All Elika's actions are assigned to the same button, making it easy and intuitive to use her skills whenever needed.


  • Elika has never had a boyfriend.
  • Elika was voiced by Kari Wahlgren, who called her performance "one of the most challenging roles I've ever done."

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