Elite Beat Agents $9.90 on PlayAsia

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Yup, this game is $9.90 on PlayAsia.com. Looks like a good price, but I'm not sure how much the shipping charges could add up to... 
This is the US version, but all DS games are region free.
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Last Christmas I managed to nab this in one of those weird walmart box deals where they give you like a game case, some crappy stylus and some other useless items with 1 game for $10, and it was an amazing experience and I found the track list charming. Totally worth picking up imo.

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I liked the game, despite it's simple nature.
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I already have 2, and they were awesomely cheap like this.  That way we get the the full multiplayer experience in our house.  Completely worth it as it is a lot of fun.  Recommended. 
I love playasia, as the horrible Australian prices make this site heaven.  I just ordered Madworld (Wii) for $20 Jeanne D-Arc (PSP) for $14.  I was happy with that.

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@Cerza: Being sold through Hubbagames, though.
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I got it last year for £7.99, it was pretty fun, but the soundtrack gave me a headache xD

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Anyone who hasn't got this game needs it, seriously!


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