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So I'm going through my gaming library (because my 360 is dead now). I've beaten all my PS3 games so I go on to my older games. Looking through my PS2 games and DS games. I run across one game that introduced me to a DS. Elite Beat Agents. After playing the first level again, it makes me wonder, why the hell is there's not a second one?? Well, in the US? So I want to get everyone to play this game again. This is a great game. So please pick it up, play it, enjoy it. 
And here's a commercial of the game to get the hype going. 

  Oh, and the harder the difficulty, the better. It gets faster and more exciting.
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An Elite Beat Agents 2 on 3DS would be pretty darn awesome, lemme tell ya.

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@Hailinel: Seriously. QUICK!! Get me Reggie. We need to have a discussion.
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Dancing Agents in 3D?! That alone would make 3D tech worth it.
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I think the 3D thing would be disorientating. Besides, you're not tapping the upper screen, so it would only be used for the cutscene thingies.
That said, I really hope they do make another EBA, as it made me buy a DS in the first place too ^_^. Osu Tatake Ouendan (the japanese original) had a great sequel, even though some of the songs were a bit crap. Goddamn was it hard as well, but having ghost mode was awesome.

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@Hailinel said:
"An Elite Beat Agents 2 on 3DS would be pretty darn awesome, lemme tell ya. "

yes i would bt with master tracks instead of those rubbish covers htey had in the first 1
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@TheDarkPrince: Yeah they way music games are going now and days, they can easily take to the music labels about getting access to those songs. And thanks to the DSi shop. We should see tons of them.
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2right bro (^_^)
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I played the hell out of elite beat agents. I think nintendo should bring it back to the 3DS. The insanity would benefit from being in 3D

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Never understood the appeal of EBA.  Gameplay is really fun, but the American version had mediocre music.  I heard the Japanese music is much better, but I assume that would be the opinion of people who like Japanese music in the first place.

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gief  elite beat agents on 3ds!!!!

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i was just at gamestop this morning and saw EBA there for $10.. everyone should play that game and for $10 that is a steal. (also saw another amazing DS game Contact for $8!!)
but EBA 2 3DS i would get a 3DS instantly..

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yeah i loved that game, played the hell out of it and unlocked the last difficulty.
(my fingers actually bled at one point, because of how fast i was going whenever my stylus slipped, i played that shit hardcore)
also i think it's quite hard to find it in england. I actually got it off the net on a whim when it first came out.

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EBA is the new kid icarus.

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I fucking loved EBA but I did almost break my DS trying to finish Jumpin' Jack Flash on Sweatin'. It's a song I don't particularly like and hadn't even heard before I started playing the game but now know every fucking beat of.

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If theres one thing we can all agree on here, its that Elite Beat Agents deserves a sequel.... BADLY!

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