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Portable rhythm gaming perfection. 0

In the past few years, rhythm games have gone through a spectacular boom and a spectacular fall.  The Guitar Hero franchise has gone from having the best-selling third party game in history to selling less than 100K, and Rock Band isn't faring much better.  It's a shame that the fad-like nature of these two series have caused developers to mostly back away from music games altogether, and that is a real shame, because we need more games like Elite Beat Agents in this world.The premise is...

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A Rhythm Game That's A Bit Out Of Synch. 2

Elite Beat Agents is an interesting game with a lot of character and some great humor.  Unfortunately, it also has a lot of problems.  In it, you play as the Elite Beat Agents, a group of dancing government (?) agents, whose sole purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others.  How do they do this?  By dancing, of course.  At it's heart, EBA is a simple rhythm game you play using the only the stylus.  You'll find yourself tapping, dragging, and tracing your way to the beat.  This is all ...

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Elite Beat Agents: Proof that dance can save the day 0

Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS is a “rhythm-action game” (their words, not mine), and an adaptation of the cult Japanese hit Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!, which was lauded by critics all over the world for its originality and innovative use of the DS touch screen. The basic premise is very peculiar: Special agents using the power of dance to music to rid the world of problems. Despite being somewhat Americanised (agents in lieu of male cheerleaders…!), EBA still retains a lot of the idiosyncras...

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One of the best rhythm games on the market today. 0

Welcome to the craziest, most peculiar yet addictive rhythm game you could ever wish to experience. The Elite Beat Agents are a band of secret agents who wouldn’t look out of place in the next Men in Black movie, infact you even get to play as agent Smith who doesn’t look all that dissimilar to Big Willie himself. The premise is simple yet disturbing. Somebody faces an utterly bizarre problem and shouts for help, then its agents to the rescue as they attempt to dance away any obstacle that stand...

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Elite Beat Agents DS 0

Elite Beat Agents is a blast to play but there are a few things that really bothered me in this game and really took down the game. The game overall is fairly simple to play. The player taps along with the beat using the stylus on the touch screen and there are only three types of notes to perform. The note you will see the most is just taping a small numbered circle when the bigger outer circle makes contact with it. In a series of notes they will be the same color and hitting them all pe...

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Just don't play it in public. 1

Sometimes, a game comes along that is fun to play, and has a lot of replay value, but you just can't believe the premise. Elite Beat Agents is that game.Based on the Japanese series Ouendan, EBA puts you in the shoes of one of the Elite Beat Agents, basically an elite force that helps fix people's problems through... wait for it... DANCING! Yeah, okay, it's pretty weird, but that's definitely a part of this game's charm. Just watching the Agents dance around on the bottom screen is enough to mak...

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Loads of fun with some frustration. 0

A friend of mine had a Japanese version of this game and I instantly fell in love.  Years later I decided to buy the official US release.  The price $5.  Amazing price for an amazing game.  The mini story lines are hilarious and entertaining.  The dancing and singing "agents" add a fun element to the game.  The only thing that turned me off was that sometimes the notes would get out of sync.  It was frustrating when this happened.  This was usually fixed when you started another song.   The mult...

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When A Problem Comes Along, You Must Tap It. 0

Last year, Guitar Hero took the standard idea of performing actions (pressing buttons, strumming a paddle) in time to music, and wrapped its own very distinctive style and charm around it. In much the same way, Elite Beat Agents will have you tapping, dragging, and spinning surrounded by a manic flair all its own, all wrapped up in a funny and pleasing package. The mechanics really couldn't be simpler. The game only asks you to do three things - tap an indicated area of the screen on an indicat...

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Elite Beat Agents (DS) Review 0

Some of you import crazy gamers will know of a Japanese DS game by the name of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. In Ouendan, you play as three cheerleaders who go out and solve people’s problems by dancing. You have to hit on-screen markers in time with the music to get points. Consecutive hits result in combos for higher scores. Some markers required you to hit the marker then drag it along a path, and occasionally backtrack across said path, while keeping the stylus on the moving marker at all times. The...

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Elite Beat Agents Review 0

At first I didn't get what all the hype was about. "So what, it's tapping circles," I often said to myself. Then it won DS game of the year here at Gamespot and IGN, I decided to check it out. So I went to Gamespot to and downloaded the demo. I was immediatley addicted. After I downloaded the demo again and again over the next two months ( i waited so long because I was playing my Wii,) then I finally bought it.As i said before, the gameplay is basically tapping. When the big circle gets around ...

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A ds game that everyone should own! 0

Seriously, this is one of the best ds games ever made! EBA is a rhythm-action game that is easy to pick up, and IMPOSSIBLE to put down. You play the game as the Elite Beat Agents - a group of special agents who help people in distress. The game has about 10 different scenarios where you help people. These can range from helping a baby sitter with a bunch of unruly kids, to a guy stealing back the plans for a prototype car, to helping two Paris Hilton lookalikes survive on a stranded island. Each...

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A great rhythm game for the DS, let down by lack of songs. 0

Elite Beat Agents is a rhythm game where the player helps people in stressful situations by dancing and singing to various songs that are well known, what's not to love?The characters that you control are members of a government group called the Elite Beat Agents and the goal of that aorganisation is to go an help people who find themselves in trouble. The game plays itself out well and although there isn't one main storyline, there are different stories for each person you meet across the cours...

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Elite Beat Agents 0

The DS’s touch screen has provided many new experiences in the way we play games. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass let players control Link directly by using the stylus and dragging in the direction you wanted him to go. While we personally didn’t find it worked to well, it helped towards proving that a huge 3D Zelda could work on the DS and has been well received in general. Another fine example of the touch screen being put to good use is, Metroid Prime: Hunters. The controls felt spot o...

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