xpxtomxqx's Elite Beat Agents (Nintendo DS) review

A great rhythm game for the DS, let down by lack of songs.

Elite Beat Agents is a rhythm game where the player helps people in stressful situations by dancing and singing to various songs that are well known, what's not to love?

The characters that you control are members of a government group called the Elite Beat Agents and the goal of that aorganisation is to go an help people who find themselves in trouble. The game plays itself out well and although there isn't one main storyline, there are different stories for each person you meet across the course of the game. This works as the song for each level suits theproblem that is happening. For example, on one level you help two rich girls who are stranded on a desert island and they use their looks to get themselves off the island, and to go wit the level, Madonna's "Material Girl" is the song you have to play.

The premise of the game is simple, various buttons appear on the touch screen in the game's level and you ahve to tap them in time with the song. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well to begin with it is but as the game progresses you'll soon find yourself hammering down on the touch screen in all directions. Although not as fun to play as Guitar Hero this method of completing the songs is still fun to do and is a great use for the DS touch screen.

The song list features some well known songs by artists such as Madonna, Steriogram and The Village People. Why all this music is great the game simply doesn't give you enough songs to play and you can be done with the game in around 2 or 3 hours. There are unlcokable songs but there are only 3 of them so they don't really add to much replay value.

Graphically speaking the game is not that special but it goes for the simple approach with some nice artwork. It works well with the kind of game and the artwork during some of the songs is great. However, the game doesn't push he DS to it's graphical potential.

Overall, Elite Beat Agents is a fun game to play but is let down by a lack of songs. However, the game does feature numerous levels of difficulty so you'll see yourself replaying some of the songs over  and over again.

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