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Looking to resurrect the Archfiend Vazdah, Elizébet steals the powerful relic, the Demon Statue from Hayabusa Village, causing Ryu Hayabusa and Sonia to go in pursuit of Elizébet in an attempt to thwart her plan. Elizébet travels to a temple South America where she offers up the Demon Statue to High Priest Dagra Dai as part of the ceremony for the summoning of the Archfiend. The High Priest takes the statue but scorns her for not detecting the presence of a nearby dragon ninja (Ryu). Elizébet apologizes to the High Priest who instructs her to dispatch the dragon ninja. Ryu finds Elizébet in the temple, bathing in a pool of blood, before she transforms herself into a powerful fiend and duels Ryu. Ryu defeats her but she proclaims that she will return.

After Ryu later kills Genshin and takes his cursed blade Elizébet appears again, chastising Genshin for being defeated and once again transforms into her alternate form to fight Ryu. Elizébet is defeated by Ryu and killed.

Elizé's Japanese voice actress is Hiromi Tsuru, while Grey DeLisle is her English language counterpart.

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