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Elvira is a graphic horror role-playing adventure that was released in 1990 by Accolade. The game is based on a B- horror movie about the character of Elvira. Cassandra Peterson created the character of busty Elvira, a sort of female Crypt Keeper who entertained her guests with "scary" stories.

The story: On the demise of Uncle Elmo, Elvira inherited Castle Killbragant. But it's full of monsters! When she visited the castle she was imprisoned by the various creatures returning from the underworld. You, an amateur ghoul-buster, has to help Elvira escape. You must find six keys to open the chest an dispose of the creatures you encounter on your travels. In doing so, you explore her enormous castle. There are towers, dungeons, catacombs and gardens. All locations connected by doors and pathways.

Elvira was one of the first mouse games touting the sophisticated modern nature of its "point and click" interface. Icons for examine, mix, pick-up, and other context sensitive commands allow you to manipulate the environs of the castle. Magic spells are used to improve skill in combat and advance the plot through solving object-oriented puzzles.

Moving around is easy. Click on any part of the picture you wish to move to, or click on one of the highlighted direction arrows. The latter moves you forward, up or down, and in the direction you are facing, whilst the left, right and back arrows change that direction, and redisplay your perspective from it.

Armed guards will attack you, as well as monsters. When attacked the game switches into combat mode. Fights are seen from a third person view and you have only two options namely trust and parry, you have to actually time both of them and not go all crazy pressing buttons.

The game features excellently drawn and animated graphics used in every location. The graphics can be explicit. Wounds, body parts are severed etc. The sound effects are really well done, monsters and enemies scream, wolves howl, hawks shriek, etc. Mistress of the Dark features a different music track for every new area in the game.

Elvira was only the second game to come from Horrorsoft, their first being a game called Personal Nightmare in which Elvira also made an appearance.

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