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Emil Castagnier is the main protagonist in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World video game for the Nintendo Wii. Emil's parents died in the Blood Purge of Palmacosta half a year prior to the game's start. Thus, he is raised by his aunt and uncle in the city of Luin. Emil harbors great resentment towards Lloyd Irving, who was apparently the leader of the attack on Palmacosta. Emil's path to becoming a Ratatosk Knight began with his encounter with Marta Lualdi and Richter Albend. Emil, upon making a pact with the Centurion Spirit, Tenebrae, became a Knight of Ratatosk and started his and Marta's journey to collecting the Centurion cores to restore Ratatosk's power.

Fighting Style

Despite his meek exterior, Emil's cold-blooded nature in battle makes him seem like a monster

Emil's fighting style is varied and is based upon his agility. In battle, Emil favors using a single handle longsword. His artes are heavily based for aerial combat, which can be utilized in mid-air once he learns the appropriate skills. His Base Artes such as Demon Fang, Havoc Strike, Savage Reaper, Blade Fury, and Raining Fangs can be equipped with certain elemental skills to create altered attacks. Emil's Arcane Artes are deadly and can cover a large area. Some of his Arcane artes can be easily recognized from previous games such as Sword Rain: Alpha, Swallow Fury, and Light Spear Cannon. Some of his artes, such as Dark Radiance and Roaring Tiger, can be used in mid-air after aquiring certain skills. Emil's support arte, Fiend Fusion, allows him to increase his agility to surpass his enemies for a short time. Emil's battle style allows him to form long combos on the ground or in the air, allowing him to quickly adapt to the situation at hand. When entering a battle, Emil's personality changes from a kind young man to a cold hearted monster. His Mystic Arte, Devil's Hellfire, as well as his Dark elemental attribute reflects Emil's coldness and merciless personality. His signature finisher arte, Ain Soph Aur, leaves a questioning connection between Emil and the spirit Ratatosk as they both share this special attack.

Friends and Family

Emil and Marta fighting Decus!

Emil's parents were killed in the Blood Purge of Palmacosta, leaving him with his only relatives in Luin. Emil shares a strange bond with Richter Albend, for he resembles a person Richter knows. Emil's relationship with Marta Lualdi grows as the story progresses. Although in the beginning, he was only a guardian assigned to protecting the Ratatosk core on her forehead, he grew to love her as their journey grew to a close. He cares deeply for Marta and is willing to protect her by any means necessary, even if it meant sacrificing himself. He would later admit that he loves Marta before they depart from each other after the final battle. Emil harbors great hatred for Lloyd Irving for causing the Blood Purge of Palmacosta. Therefore he searches for Lloyd to exact his revenge.

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