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Emily Travers was interested in exploring the plant life in the vicinity of Saxton and was used to walking alone for long distances. At some point she was introduced to William Ager who promised to lead her to a Pasque flower, a flower which blooms early in spring. While widespread in Europe, Asia and North America, the Pasque flower is rare in England.  
William lured her to the Saxton Caverns, which actually have little vegetation, and forced a kiss from her. He then attempted to rape her, being infatuated by her. Emily started screaming and the would be rapist tried to silence her, accidentally suffocating her. He abandoned her corpse in the caverns. Her family contacted a search for her but only her broken glasses were ever found. Her disappearance became part of a local history with information present at Saxton museum.  
Meanwhile, Emily's ghost was haunting the Caverns and still searched for her flower. She was nicknamed the Siren of the Caverns. Nigel Danvers would later encounter the ghost and help release it by satisfying its demands. She only needed that one flower to be released from the Caverns.

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