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Emiru doesn't talk much and she tends to avoid people, including her own family. She prefers to shy away instead of expressing her opinion and feelings. Emiru is initially cold towards Yusuke and often gives him a piercing icy glare. Emiru tends to lock herself in her room and she is has trouble waking up in the morning. Emiru is closest to Ruruka.

Emiru is highly intelligent and very observant. She is also very skilled at sewing. Emiru is later revealed to have a hobby of cosplaying but she is ashamed of it because she considers it to be perverted. She does her best to keep her hobby secret, even from her own family. Her sewing skills come from the fact that she sews her own costumes.

On Emiru's path, she explains that her hobby came from her parents. Emiru explains that she was very close to her father and she spends a lot of time with him. After he passes away, she feels very lonely and she adopted her father's hobby of cosplaying in memory of him.

Yusuke then shares her hobby of cosplaying and role-playing as he shares a relationship her. Eventually her hobby is revealed to her family and Yusuke decides to explain that the hobby is his in order to save Emiru from shame.

Emiru is very aggressive in her relationship with Yusuke. She suffers from the pain of loss and she wishes to not repeat it in her relationship with Yusuke. Also, based on player choice, Ruruka may get caught in their relationship, and Emiru decides to include Ruruka too.

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