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Emma is one of the Athlum's Four Generals, which also comprises of comrades Blocter, Pagus and Torgal. She is also the matriarch of the Honeywells, a clan that has served Athlum for many generations. Being of a somewhat mother figure for Lord David Nassau, Emma is not only loyal towards the lord but treats him as if he were her own son.
Emma is often protrayed to be a very stern figure, the player get the bane of her personality as soon as after the first battle, where both of them falls into the caves due to the player's recklessness.
It is revealed during the game that Emma has a daughter - Emmy Honeywell, who looks remarkably like Emma herself, causing the player to mistakenly recognize her as Emma in many parts of the game, calling her "Old Woman" everytime. Emmy was sent off to a journey around the continents, as is traditional in the Honeywell Clan, as a rite of passage into adulthood.

Quest (Bravery and Loyalty)

After Lord David Nassau gives the order to go to Elysion, the player can find Emma in the tavern where she would like to talk to the player privately. Before the conversation can begin, it is interrupted by a soldier rushing to tell Emma that a large beast had emerged in the Robelia Ruins, From there, the player will follow Emma to the Ruins of the Robelia Castle.
Together with Emma, the player will fight against the Third Committee Combat Squad who are assisted by 2 Blackwings.
After the fight, the player will be rewarded the red stone Mano Salia.

*Spoilers Alert*

During the quest "Battle at the Nest of Eagles", Emma will leave the party to protect the city of Athlum.  

Unexpectedly, the Conqueror have came to Athlum himself. While Emma did everything she could during her last stand with the Conqueror, she was no match to him at all, with the Conqueror fighting with only one hand and disarming Emma with ease. 

Ultimately, Emma was killed by the Conqueror during the defense of Athlum, and the Valeria Heart, remnant of Athlum was seized by the Conqueror.
At her funeral, Lord David Nassau commented that his father had burned down his mother's garden after her death. It was Emma that grew it back from the dust and reminded him of the good still left in all of them.
Afterwards, David is approached by Emmy Honeywell and she replaced her mother as the new General of Athlum. 

David Nassau : "Serve me, as did your mother before you.", handing over Emma's Sword to her daugther.

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