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EMP grenades can exist as an hand throwing weapon and as an ammunition for grenade launchers, these grenades are made to disable any electronic device, and even destroy energy shields with ease., EMP grenades have also a splash damage, this allow to affect multiple enemies or devices if they can be hit by the grenade splash damage.

The EMP hand grenade

EMP grenade
The EMP hand grenade Exists in various forms most of them are timed or can be used as an impact grenade. A few games allow them to be used as a proximity Mine, like Deus Ex for example Others might have a remote control function.

The Grenade ammunition

EMP Grenade shell
When it's an ammunition it's often an impact grenade, but the fuse system is variable, and the main advantage in regards to the hand throwing variant, that's the range and accuracy, while the Hand grenade have its compactness

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