Steam Midweek Deal ETW for $10

#1 Posted by threeve (199 posts) -

Looks like this is still available at least for today.  I broke down and bought it last night.  They have older TW games which I have never played in a pack for $20 including Empire, but I don't believe I'd ever play all of them.  Reviews were largely positive, though I've read some concerns about crashing and poor AI (and also that these were possibly corrected in a patch.  
That's all I've got: sound off and let me know if I'm not the only one buying this year old game.  Again I've never played a total war game but I'm a huge fan of Civilization and used to be a real Warcraft/Starcraft junkie.

#2 Posted by Ultimadark (150 posts) -

I bought the full pack for $20, it feels good to have them all on steam, they're great games :)

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