Worth playing the native american campaigns?

#1 Posted by Ultimadark (150 posts) -

So I bought this game on steam last week when it was on sale (I also bought all the DLC), I've played it previously but only the grand campaign. Right now I'm playing through the road to independence campaign and I'm not really enjoying it as much as the grand campaign.  
So my question is if I should try the warpath campaign after I finish road to independence, or head straight into the grand campaign again. Thoughts?

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The road to independence campaign is more of a tutorial than anything else, it's worth trying but it won't teach you much to be honest.  The warpath campaign is completely different to the normal campaigns due to the factions you can play as.  The indians are pretty much all melee or archers with a couple of riflemen later on but pretty much rely on ambush and rush tactics.  It can't hurt to try it but don't expect anything incredible, their tech tree and unit selections are pretty limited too. 
I think I played the campaign through to a loss and I haven't gone back to it

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I guess I might try it out then. How long is it compared to the road to indepence and the grand campaign?

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I'm not sure 2bh.  I think they're about 50 turns, all they ask you to do is carve out a large chunk of america for yourself.  It can be hard with the spanish and british fighting for your land though.  I didn't see the USA last more than 10 turns when I played amusingly enough.

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The grand campaign can be a very long endevor indeed, the warpath campaign is very hard at higher difficultys because you get steamrolled eventually no matter who you play...i think thats kind of the point tho :p. With napolean only a week away im only doing multiplayer battle atm but i belive a long grand campaign on expert is the only way to go. Anything less means the a.i will fail...more than usual.

#6 Posted by Ultimadark (150 posts) -
@Phaseshift: Expert, really? Isn't that really hard? I've only played the previous games on normal, I usually auto-resolve all the battles after the first few rounds in the game.

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