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Ending is a puzzle game and roguelike consisting of three modes:

  • A single-room puzzle mode, in which the player traverses a room filled with enemies and structures meant to stop them;
  • A roguelike maze using those same mechanics in a larger format, featuring permadeath;
  • An editor, for creating new mazes and puzzle rooms.

The player is represented by the "@" symbol, and moves through the world one step at a time, in the four cardinal directions. Each step is a turn, and causes enemies to move in kind. The player can attack an enemy in any adjacent tile by moving onto it. Every enemy is equipped with at least one directional attack, represented by a serif in that or those direction(s): some have one attack direction, and must use a turn to face the player before attacking, some have two and can only move horizontally, some can attack in all four directions. Some can be released from dispensers, or can be armored; some are immobile, acting as traps; some explode when the player kills them, creating an area-of-effect.

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