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In the Endless Ocean games, the player takes the role of a Scuba Diver searching for defferent kinds of sea life and hidden treasures. There are many species in the games, from small fishes to huge humpback whales.


Endless Ocean

In the first game of the series the player explores the fictional Manaurai sea in search of rare species. The locations in the sea include a shipwreck, an underwater city (inspired by the legend of Atlantis) and several caves to explore. The game is controlled with the Wii Remote only and features Wi-Fi play for up to two people. Unlike developer Arika's previous Everblue games, this one uses a third person perspective, though a first person mode is used for examination and photography.  The player also has access to a large aquarium populated by the different species they've found.

There are also different side missions, where the player has to act as a tour guide to visitors, these don't affect the course of the history. The soundtrack features several songs from soprano singer Hayley Westenra, but players can create a custom soundtrack by transfering their own MP3 music to an SD card, this is the second game on the Wii to provide this feature after Excite Truck.

The player explores the ocean

Endless Ocean: Blue World

The sequel, Endless Ocean:  Blue World was released on February 22, 2010 in North America.  As in the first game, the player takes control of a scuba diver and explorers various underwater locations in order to identify and interact with the ocean's wildlife, take pictures, and undertake quests.  

 Experience more tranquil ocean vistas

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