Anyone Wanna Play Endless Ocean?

#1 Posted by TinaWood (126 posts) -

I couldn't find a topic to exchange codes, so sorry if there's one already. 
PM me your code if you wanna go diving sometime, my list is pretty empty. 

#2 Posted by End_Boss (3363 posts) -

What is this "Endless Ocean"?

#3 Posted by eroticfishcake (7857 posts) -
@End_Boss: A diving simulation for the Wii according to the wiki page.
To be honest I doubt much people have heard of this game let alone own a copy. Linkyshinks, Rallier or any other Nintendudes around here might have a copy though.
#4 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -
@Linkyshinks said:
" We don't have Wii Speak btw. "
You're really missing out bro...

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