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The beauty of nature and simplicity.

This game is something else. Its different, relaxing, beautiful, educational, and so much more. Of all those descriptions of this game I just mentioned, how often do you see them all associated with a game? I don't think I have ever used all of those to describe one game before.

Endless Ocean is different from other games for a couple of reasons. The first that comes to mind is the fact that there is no danger in the game whatsoever. You can't run out of air, or suffer from pressure changes, not even the sharks will dare to disrupt the quiet peace this game brings. The other factor that makes the game different is that there is no objective other than to relax, have fun, and maybe even learn a little. The game gives you the option of completing objectives, and will reward you for it by giving you new pieces of gear and such, but you are in no way forced to do these objectives, and the gear has no effect other than to allow you to customize your looks.

The game is not only relaxing for the reasons I stated above but for two other reasons that stand out in my mind. The first being the simple controls. Simply point the Wiimote in the direction you want to go, and hold B to swim in that direction. If you're too lazy to hold B, press -, and you will automatically swim. If you see an animal you would like to interact with, merely press A, and then move the Wiimote about to poke, pet, or feed it. You don't even need the nunchuck attachment. The other reason I find this game relaxing is nature itself, you can hear the water and waves moving about, see the wildlife going about their day, sometimes it almost feels as if you're there, just floating along in the ocean.

This game is beautiful, plain and simple. Its one of the best looking games on the Wii. There are fantastic particle and lighting effects throughout the game. The textures aren't all that great at first look, but you can zoom in and see that the are actually quite good for a Wii game. The creators did a good job of capturing the beauty of nature and the ocean.

I do have a few small gripes with the game. The load times can be a little ridiculous at times. The soundtrack is pretty lackluster, with only two songs, and they both get old fast. I guess you can't really complain about it because Arika has allowed you to put your own music into the game, but for people like me who are too lazy to do that, the soundtrack disappoints. Also, once you get on the boat, the graphics take a turn for the worse, as well as the character animations. The cabin menu system just feels sloppy and slapped together. The dialogue between character is painful at times, but luckily there's not much talking.

Overall a fantastic game for those who can tolerate the fact that there's no objectives. I highly recommend it to those who feel they need a break from the norm, love nature, or just enjoy great games!

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