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With the advent of Hyperspace technology the governments of the planet Earth seek other Earthlike colonizable planets. However during their pursuits they discover that many of the habitable planets they locate are already populated by sapient lifeforms, some of which have hyperspace technology as well. When an uninhabited Earthlike planet is located in order to avoid outright war between various alien races all of the factions agree to a pitched conflict.

The competition that all of the in-game races agree to is that they will all send a single space craft filled with a set amount of personnel and resources. With intervention from any outside forces prohibited the various colonization teams must compete against each other by gather resources and waging warfare against each other. Whoever's colonization team is the last remaining gets the entire planet as a colony.

The game as well as its source code has since been release for free by Windward Studios online and is available to download here.

Publishing and Legal Issues

Following Enemy Nation's release publisher HeadGames Publishing filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy of HeadGames would cause copies of Enemy Nations to cease production which forced Windward Games to release the game on their company website. Windward Studios filed a lawsuit against HeadGames immediately after this announcement claiming that HeadGames had withheld profits from Enemy Nations from them. HeadGames eventually would be bought by Activision and would become their Activision Value Publishing division. After its purchase from Activision and Windward winning its arbitration case, HeadGames did eventually pay what it owed Windward.

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